Review: Koikeya Garlic Chips

Brand: Koikeya (コイケヤ)

Flavor: Garlic

Size: 55g

Calories: 310 kcal

Score: 7/10

I love potato chips. I love garlic. But do I love garlic that much?

If the answer isn’t yes, you might want to reconsider eating these.

Right upon opening the bag the smell hits you in the face. They are called garlic chips for a reason and the taste does not disappoint. These are loaded with garlic to the point where some of the chips, especially near the bottom of the bag, are pretty spicy. The flavor is nice and deep and really satisfying and since they are pretty thin-cut they crunch nicely too. It’s kind of like biting into a whole knob of garlic but with more crunching sounds.

Since the bag was only 55 grams there weren’t a whole lot of chips in there, but that’s really all you need since the garlic flavor is so strong. I’ve eaten these once before and the taste lingers for over a day, even after eating and drinking multiple other foods/drinks and 2-3 teeth brushings. This is what really almost ruins it for me, though the same can be said about real garlic as well, so in the end the experience is really not that different.

If you’re planning on picking these up somewhere be warned that on the back it says it contains dairy, soy, pork, and gelatin (pork gelatin?) so if you’re allergic to any of those things I would not advise trying these. Other than that, if you’re a big garlic fan and you don’t mind not eating real garlic, these probably won’t let you down.


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