Review: Calbee Kata-age Hokkaido Butter Soy Sauce Chips

Brand: Calbee

Flavor: Butter and soy sauce (バターしょうゆ)

Size: 80g (convenience store size)

Calories: 409 kcal

Score: 8/10

Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, is famous throughout Japan for producing some of the country’s tastiest foods, but what seems to be their top specialty is dairy. Milk, butter, cheese, and cream from Hokkaido can be found in Japanese supermarkets for a pretty lofty price, but the quality is no joke, and products made with Hokkaido cheese or milk are often advertised as luxurious, expensive foods. Though I’m not sure the same can be said for potato chips, because butter is so famous in Hokkaido, it’s become one of the “trademark” flavors of that region.

Butter and soy sauce is actually the default flavor that you get on popcorn in Japan if you go to the movies (if you choose that flavor anyway) so my first thought when I started eating these was that I was eating popcorn. Calbee’s kata-age series of chips are cooked kettle-style so they are thick and crunchy, so they definitely have a lot more texture than popcorn, and it works pretty well with the saltiness of this particular flavor. It paired nicely with the sandwich I was eating at the time (ham and egg) but by themselves these chips might be a little overpowering. It’s really for you to decide, though.

Overall I was pretty happy with these and I wouldn’t mind trying them out again if I could. I like this series of chips for their texture so I tend to like whatever flavors they mix them with, and this one was one that I thought was one of the better choices Calbee has made.


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