Review: Koikeya Milk Chips

Brand: Koikeya (コイケヤ)

Flavor: Milk

Size: 50g

Calories: 284 kcal

Score: 8.5/10

Milk chips? MILK chips? Yes, they are real. This flavor suddenly appeared at FamilyMart, one of Japan’s most popular convenience store chains, a little while ago, and I have been curious to try them ever since. After all, milk and potato chips are two wildly different things, and I really wanted to know how they would taste together.

In Japan, milk is usually a little sweet, and that was the first thing I noticed about these chips. They’re still potato chips, so they’re still salty and crunchy, but just with a little added sweetness initially. I couldn’t even tell that they tasted any different from regular potato chips for a few seconds because the difference is pretty subtle. Like with the chocolate potato chips, the combination of salty and sweet is really nice, and it never gets overpowering or disgusting.

You can really start to taste the milk once you’ve finished eating the whole bag, actually, because the aftertaste is pretty strong. It kind of lingers in your mouth like real milk does, and although it’s not exactly the same it really does feel like you just drank a glass of milk. I have no idea how they did that, but there you have it.

I actually really liked these. I wouldn’t mind eating them again.


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